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Data Reports

Economic and Industrial Policy

Economic Census for Business Activity

Manufacturing, Information, and Distribution/Service Policy

Census of Manufacture

Steel Demand Prospects Quarterly Report

Global Supply and Demand Trends for Petrochemical Products Annual Report

Basic Survey on the Information and Communications Industry Annual Report

Survey on IT Use Annual Report

E-Commerce Market Survey Annual Report

Basic Survey on Overseas Business Activities Annual Report

SME & Regional Economic Policy

Basic Survey on Small and Medium Enterprises Annual Report

Survey of SME Business Conditions Quarterly Report

Progress in Enforcement of the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors

Regional Economic and Industrial Research Quarterly ReportMonthly Report

Survey of Factory Location Trends Semi-annual Report Annual Report

Safety and Security

PRTR Data Annual Report

Amount of Destroyed Fluorocarbons Annual Report

Consumer Counseling Cases Annual Report

Last updated:2021-09-30