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Mekong-Japan Economic and Industrial Corporation

Mekong-Japan Economic Ministerial Meeting

The Mekong-Japan Economic Ministerial Meeting is an annual meeting in which economic ministers from Japan and Mekong Countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam) discuss issues and requests raised at the Mekong-Japan Industry and Government Dialog and seek policy responses to specific needs of Mekong industries.

At the 11th Ministerial Meeting on Sep 10, 2019, ministers adopted the Mekong Industrial Development Vision 2.0 (MIDV2.0), an amended version of MIDV which reflects recent changes in the external environment in the Mekong region, such as the deepening of regional frameworks and the rise of the digital economy.

【11th ministerial meeting (September 10, 2019)】


Division in Charge

Asia and Pacific Division, Trade Policy Bureau

Last updated:2020-10-14